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Here is a list of our studio gear that just may help your project "over the top" to success.

For audio we use Pro Tools HD3 and MixPlus, microphones such a Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, AT, and Shure through Neve, True, and Presonus preamps, so you are pretty much guaranteed audio quality approaching the absolute state-of-the-art, every session, day in and day out. Most professional performers and producers utilize the versatility of Pro Tools at some time during the recording process.

For video we use Apple's Final Cut Studio production suite and Canopus input hardware, Sony decks and Panasonic pro video cameras to capture, produce, and author DVD-based output. DVD audio also receives benefits from Pro Tools use.

We know your time and finances are valuable, and we want to provide you with the greatest bang-for-the-buck.

Production, writing, arrangement, authoring, mastering, technical and administrative services such as copyright services and disc transfer are what we do. In other words, we will strive to provide you one-stop project success.

Your hard work is kept safe at PWR. Critical systems are on UPS backup and recordings are archived after every session. A final project copy is stored offsite.

Our voice and e-mail is accessed daily. Call if you cannot make the session; we'll gladly rebook it for you.

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